Josiah’s Cottage

St. Endellion, Port IIssac, Cornwall, Countryside

Pennant Farm has always been an important site at the head of the small valley that runs in from the fishing village at Port Isaac on the north coast of Cornwall. Port Isaac was chosen as the setting of the TV series, Doc Martin, because of the beauty and interest of the seaside village, cliffs, scenery and beaches of Cornwall. There was once a great mediaeval farmstead at Pennant, which moved up hill, with replacement 18th century farm buildings.

Josiah’s Cottage was built in 1772 (the date is low on one corner) with stones and timber from earlier buildings to an ordered design by a landowner wishing to show his improving status. He did a good job and made a lovely little building. Rows of pigeon holes for winter food are set around the top within thick walls, under a grand slate roof. The building was later extended by a wing to the north and is now at the west end of a lane with six separate old buildings and a small horse pond. The main farm has moved away to the east and the working farm is separated from the row of old buildings. The owners live on the site.

The Port Isaac area is one of the most popular places in Cornwall. There is plenty to do on the cliffs, and on the beaches, either at small sandy coves or the more well known ones like Polzeath. There are bistros, restaurants, good pubs and a sense of history, place and community. There is lots to do elsewhere but the house is also a comfortable and intriguing retreat.