Travel Sickness in Dogs

1:21pm 20/06/2016

Believe it or not 1 in 6 dogs suffer from motion sickness, 62% of dogs experience travel sickness for the first time when they are puppies but motion sickness can affect dogs of all ages. If you’re preparing your Summer holiday and your dog is a sufferer it can be a real problem.

How to spot the signs

  • Inactivity
  • Listlessness
  • Uneasiness
  • Excessive Drooling

What you can do to help your dog

  • Limit what your dog eats before you travel
  • Drive steady and avoid unnecessary braking or acceleration
  • Face your dog forward when you travel in the car. A dog seat belt or travel crate will help your dog view passing stimuli from the front rather than the side which can cause nausea
  • If your dog travels in the front, consider safety as most cars have air bags in the front which can cause real problems in an accident
  • Put down your car windows a little to help with air pressure
  • Keep the car cool and well ventilated
  • Take frequent stops

If your dog is still suffering then speak to your vet about over the counter and prescription medications.

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