Top Tips - Taking the Perfect Holiday Snaps

4:29pm 21/06/2016

Capturing those precious holiday moments on camera isn’t always easy, especially if there are children or pets in the mix. Here you’ll find some tips on taking fantastic holiday photographs.

  1. Always have your camera at hand - capturing that perfect photograph is often about timing. Have you camera near by so you can grab it when the perfect moment arises. Make sure it’s charged over night.
  2. Group photographs can be tricky as inevitably someone will be looking away or have their eyes shut. Take lots and lots of photographs, just keep snapping away and one will be perfect.
  3. Take natural shots. The kids splashing by the pool, the dog jumping on the beach, these unstaged photographs are often the best with natural smiles and poses.
  4. Lighting is so important - move around so you get the right balance of light and dark.
  5. Have fun - don’t be so worried about capturing the perfect moment on film that you forget to enjoy the moment.