The Gate House At Belle Grove

Lower Common , Westhall, Suffolk, Countryside

Belle Grove may sit in a tranquil corner of rural England, but it’s conveniently placed for shopping in nearby market towns and the Suffolk coastline where that special combination of sky, sun, sea, dunes, marshes and calm continues to attract walkers as well as artists, musicians and writers. Not to mention great foodie opportunities!

“A feast for the eyes both inside and out…”

But Belle Grove has become a destination in itself. One of its unique qualities is allowing you to feel as you’ve been truly ‘away’ without travelling far.

‘Away’ in the sense of being transported to an exotic locale but also in the way the surroundings encourage you to unwind, de-stress and relax.

The Gate House is immensely popular with honeymooners and for celebrating anniversaries, special birthdays - and anything brushed with romance. The 'Eastern promise' strapline is a play on ‘East of England meets the Middle East’ given that many details of the décor take inspiration from the Levant by way of fabrics, prints and paintings, old Arabic & Turkish coffee pots, water kettles, even a Lebanese sheesha pipe (with apple tobacco supplied for those who fancy it), all mixed with comfy sofa and armchairs.